Kristin Prestegaard, Chief Engagement Officer, Minneapolis Institute of Art

I had a great time talking with Kristin Prestegaard about how museums can best engage their audiences in a contemporary setting. As Chief engagement officer for the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) she is a leader in devising strategies that open the doors to increased audience engagement and participation.

Our discussion centered around the use of social media as a most effective way for the MIA to reach our incoming tech savvy audiences.  From the audience Kristin has learned much through feedback while the audience also receives content that is consistent with the brand of the MIA. Facebook and Instagram have been the most successful of the MIA’s social media strategy. Facebook acts as gateway to general information and deeper content, as well as advertising. Instagram for the MIA is all about the beauty of their collections and works as an incitement and a piece of art in its own right.

Coming from 15 years marketing in the private sector it is surprising to know that Kristin sees little difference between her past and present . She has found the same uses for collected data and marketing targets, and has always had the same goal of selling a consistent and honest brand.


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