Lyndsay Kibiloski, Digital Media Specialist, Mint Museum of Art

I had the pleasure of interviewing on Oct. 19th, 2017, Lyndsay Kibilosky the current digital media specialist at The Mint Museum of Art, located in Charlotte NC. During the interview Lyndsay shares her short time at The Mint and her usual transition from graphic design into web content development.  Some important tips are discussed about what people interested in going into the field can do now to go into it.

While Lyndsay has only been with the museum slightly over a year she shares all the projects going on with the website. Some of the points of interest in the conversation reflect the current challenges the museum faces in her department. Some of the challenges are how long it takes to get a project off the ground and operating, issues of third party vendors, creating political correct social media, and being under staffed for all the work she has to do. Please check her out and all the interesting things The Mint Museum of Art is working on!




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